I have seen it happen many times:

Deadlines are closing in and pressure is rising. Everybody is busy dealing with all the technical aspects of the film delivery but nobody is taking care of gathering, organising and preparing the legal documents. This is exactly where my service comes into the picture. I’m the missing link between production company, studio and distributor when it comes to analysing, organising, coordinating and finally executing the delivery of a motion picture. I can start as early as Pre Production or as late as Post Production. The earlier you bring me on board the smoother the process will be because all documents and files will always be supervised, up to date and accounted for. No last minute surprises or headache on the home stretch!

Pre Production:

  • brief all departments on Film, DVD and Pay TV delivery
  • if no distribution deal has been made at that point I will set up a customised list of deliverables needed for delivery
    advice producers and lawyers involved
  • check in and coordinate with producers and lawyers on a weekly basis 
  • set up structure, schedule and overview to get all departments and parties involved and on same page
  • establish delivery system for future acquisitions


  • coordinate and advise production office
  • check in and coordinate with production office on a weekly basis
  • prepare production office for wrap

Post Production:

  • take over wrap binders from production
  • coordinate delivery with Post Production Supervisor
  • work with Production Company on final documentation
  • keep track and report to Producer and Distribution Companies


  • create physical and digital files
  • outline final delivery
  • deliver complete files to all parties involved